Glycerine Bleaching & Distillation

A few highlights of our design process –

  • The Glycerine Distillation and Bleaching section in our design has unique packed columns based on our design which allows the bleaching to use the down draft packed bed bleachers to deliver very high quality Pharmaceutical Grade Glycerine (>99.5%).
  • Unlike a Reboiler which requires frequent cleaning due to scaling and salt deposits, the use of our heating system with live steam dramatically reduces scaling and the risk of salt deposits.  This results in a significant reduction in the consumption of utilities in our plant.
  • The distillate that is obtained is free from low-volatile components and is withdrawn near boiling point before being bleached.  The process employed is a continuous operation and provides high yield with a best color APHA (<10) and a low ester value (<0.3).
  • In order to obtain Phramaceutical Grade Glycerine, the traces of color and odor existing in the Distilled Glycerine is removed by means of adsorption by activated carbon.


Plant Capacity Range
a Glycerine Water Treatment >50 TPD
b Glycerine Water Evaporation >50 TPD
c Glycerine Distillation >5 TPD
d Glycerine Bleaching >5 TPD
Utility Consumption per ton of Distillate
  a b c d
Sodium Hydroxide (kgs) 3-4 2-3 - -
Activated Carbon - - - 1-3
Hydrochloric Acid (35%) 3-4 - - -
Steam (4-13 barg) 600 800 2100 -
Cooling Water (20°C, m3) - 90 -130 5
Electrical Energy (kWh) 15 12 30 8
Output Product Data
Refined Glycerine 99.8%