Erection / Commissioning

In standing with CCI's unique approach to customer satisfaction, we maintain close links with the customer right from the date of project inception. With the appointment of a Project Manager, we assist the customer in all areas of the project execution, such as Site Planning, Tank-Farm & Utilities engineering, advice regarding Procurement etc.

Typically, our engineers are on-site as required to supervise the entire installation and erection to ensure strict adherence to our engineering designs and standards. We ensure that the customer's staff are well trained regarding all operational aspects of the plant and detailed documentation is provided regarding the future maintenance and operation.

Our engineers provide all assistance to our customers to help them obtain any required permissions from local/national regulatory authorities. All equipment is tested and verified during continuous Commissioning runs to ensure that the plant meets the performance guarantees specified. We have extensive warranties on all our equipment to provide our customers with an added sense of comfort and we also ensure that any spares or additional tools that they may so request over time, is promptly delivered.