Fabrication Workshops

The various proprietary / critical mechanical equipment required for our various plant offerings are manufactured at fabrication workshops owned by CCI in Chennai, India or at those of our associates, under our active supervision. All the fabrication strictly adheres to internationally recognized standards like ASTM/ ASME, DIN, BS, IS, other European standards etc. Based on the requirements of our customer, CCI can conform to any needed local and/or international standards.

Our workshops are fully qualified and equipped to manufacture all Carbon Steel, Stainless Steels 304 and 316/L Pressure and Non-Pressure vessels. Independent verification for all fabricated items can be provided by third-party Quality Control inspection agencies like Bureau Veritas, SGS, Tata Projects Limited etc. prior to shipping to the site, as per the requirements of our customer.

Our workshops in India provide, among other items, the following specialized equipment

High Pressure Autoclave Operating Pressure (50 Kgs/cm2); Material (SS 316L)
Hydrogen Gas Storage Bullets Operating Pressure (15 Kgs/cm2); Material (Carbon Steel as per ISI 226)
Double Shell Deodorizer Operating Pressure (3 Torr); Material (SS 316)
Turbo Wiped Film Drier for Soya Lecithin Operating Pressure (5 Torr); Material (SS 316)
All kinds of Tubular Heat Exchangers.
All kinds of Falling Film and Rising Film Evaporators including Direct Stripping and/or condensing in Carbon Steel and/or Special Stainless Steel.
Biodiesel CSTR reactors, Ester wash columns, Methanol Recovery columns, Vacuum Driers etc.